Our Drone Pilots have the necessary training and certification approved by the UK CAA.

Our team will conduct a survey of the job area and do a risk assessment before we take flight.



We have Permission for Commercial Operations (PFCO) from the UK CAA for multirotor camera drones.

Be advised: Any operator without a PFCO is working illegally and will not have adequate insurance cover!



We are insured by Coverdrone, a comprehensive public liability insurance tailored specifically to the commercial drone industry.





Aerial Photo Video

Aquisition > Post Production > Delivery: We can provide a full end-to-end service for aerial photography still images and video production in 4K or 1080.


360-Degree Photos

We use our camera drones and post production expertise to create aerial 360 panoramas.

Capture. Process. Share.


Surveys + Inspections

Our camera drones are capable of flying pre-defined way point missions to capture photos for precise, repeatable survey mapping tasks.

For inspection work, we can deploy quickly on site without disruption or costly scaffolding.




Aerial Filming Considerations

A bit of planning and preparation can go a long to ensure that we have a successful aerial shoot day. We need to consider things such as location safety, the flying area and of course, the weather forecast. Click through to read more...



With permission from the UK Civial Aviation Authority, LoftyBot operates commercial multirotor camera drones weighing up to 20kg.

Our sub-7kg drones are allowed to fly up to 50m of the public but we can get closer if we have control of the surrounding area.

LoftyBot Aerial Images was founded by Mark Fry who brings his experience working in feature film visual effects, video production, and video game development to the rapidly evolving industry of commercial drone operations.



Drone Safe  

UK CAA Safety Rules/Regulations

When flying a drone in the UK it is our responsibility to be aware of the rules to ensure that we are flying in a safe and legal manner:

  • The Drone Pilot must maintain direct, unaided visual line-of-sight (VLOS) with the drone.
  • The drone cannot be flown higher than 400 feet (120m) above the surface.
  • The drone cannot be flown further than 500m away from the Drone Pilot.
  • The drone cannot be flown within 50m of persons, vehicles, buildings and structures, unless those persons are 'under the control of the person in charge of the drone'.
  • If the drone weighs over 7kg, the drone cannot be flown within 150m of congested areas or open-air assemblies of 1000 persons or more.

For more information, please visit the UK CAA's Drone Safe website and read the Dronecode.


If you want to get in touch, please send us an email or use the contact form below.




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